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What is On-Page Optimization in SEO

In On-Page Seo we work on directly on the web site and the changes done on website we can see instantly  on web. Following are some different On-page activities we do betterment of site to get the maximum traffic and benefits from search engines and visitors.
On-Page SEO Activities
1) Write unique keyword rich Title Tag
2) Meta Description
3) Meta Keywords
4) Easy URL Structure for with keyword
5) Search Engine Friendly Website Design
6) Bredcrumb Navigation
7) Keyword Research
8 ) H1,H2,H3,H4 Tags ( include your main keywords)
9) Effective use of robots.txt file
10) XML & HTML Sitemap
11) Alt Tags for images
12) Internal Linking of web pages
13) Choose best file names with your keywords
14) Use of No-follow links
15) Your Mobile site version
16) Keep your code as simple as you can
17) Keyword Density
18) Remove Canonical Problem ( if it is exists)
19) Google Video Sitemap creation


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