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What is Sitemap and How many types of Sitemap?

What is Sitemap:-

A site map, sometimes written "sitemap," is an overview of the pages within a website. Site maps of smaller sites may include every page of the website, while site maps of larger sites often only include pages for major categories and subcategories of the website. While site maps can be organized in a variety of ways, most use an outline form, with pages arranged by topic. This gives visitors a good overall picture of how the site is organized and clearly defines all the resources the website has to offer.

How many types of Sitemap:-

There are two types of Sitemap
1. Html Sitemap
2. Xml Sitemap

What is HTML Sitemap ?

The HTML Sitemap is an easy way to supply your users with a snapshot of the structure of your website and allows for them to successfully navigate quickly through your website. HTML Sitemaps also help build up "Internal Linking" throughout your entire website.
HTML Sitemap is basically used for user point of view

What is XML Sitemap ?

XML Sitemaps have become the adopted standard for website definition on the internet. The XML Sitemaps standard began with Google as Google Sitemaps, and has transformed into an internet standard adopted by MSN and Yahoo. Now when you generate a sitemap for your site, if you follow a simple set of defined rules, it will be compatible with all three of the major search engines.
XML sitemap basically used by owner , crawler point of view not a user point of view.







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